The Story - Part 3Elements of Magic
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This week, we start to incorporate some text instead of utilizing all audio.

Between the previous classes and homework, you have been guided through creating sacred space in a "follow along" manner at least 5 times. By switching towards text and removing some of the guidance, you can begin to really make the practice your own and ,eventually, will not need any guidance for creating sacred space.


Grounding (Week 3)Elements of Magic
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Have your bowl, water and salt ready before starting. 

  1. Pour water into the bowl.  Hold your hands over the water, feel it's coolness. Take a sip and hold the image of water in your mind.  Say "Blessed be, creature of water."

  2. Hold the salt in your hand. Taste a bit of it and hold the image of salty release in your mind.  Say "Blessed be, creature of earth."

  3. Stir the salt and water together.

  4. Release your tensions and troubles into the bowl.  You can use motion, voice or visualization.

  5. Lift the bowl of saltwater up to the sky.  Ask the moon (or deity you are working with) to change and purify it.

  6. Setting the bowl down, sprinkle the purified water on yourself and the surrounding area.

  7. Don't forget to dispose of the water afterwards. 

Casting a Circle

Figure out which direction is where before casting.

  1. CENTER:
    Touch athame to ground to fill with energy.

  2. NORTH:  
    feel energies of Earth. ​​Draw Pentacle and say "By the earth that is her body."

  3. EAST:
    Feel energies of Air. Draw Pentacle and say "By the air that is her breath."

  4. SOUTH:
    Feel energies of Fire. Draw Pentacle and say "By the fire of her bright spirit."

  5. WEST:
    Feel energies of Water. Draw Pentacle and say "By the waters of her living womb."

  6. CENTER:
    Draw Pentacle up and say "By all that is above."
    Draw Pentacle down and say "By all that is below."

    "We are between the worlds.  What is between the worlds can change the worlds."



Breathe in, knowing that the whole life of nature feeds you.
Breathe out, knowing that you feed the whole life of nature.
Keep breathing in and out until you feel energized and connected to all things.
Raise your arms up above your head and breathe out a giant "thank you".
Rest for a moment with an open mind, and see what Mother Nature sends back to you.



Set aside some time to spend in Nature. It’s best for this to be a location where there are not many other humans and that you can visit regularly. 


You can create sacred space before going on your walk, or once you arrive at the location. If you do it before, set the intention that your circle will move with you as you travel.


The walk will be taken while in a deepened state called “Dropped and Open”. This allows us to see what’s below the surface, while still being fully aware of what’s on the surface. Imagine where your consciousness, or attention, sits in your body. This is usually in the middle of the forehead near the third eye. Now imagine your consciousness as a ball that slowly moves down through your body until it sits in your centre, usually near your belly. Take your time to feel it moving, down through your throat, your chest, until it reaches your centre. At times your attention may move back up into your head. When this happens simply take a moment to imagine it dropping back down again. Now you are ready to walk.


Notice what’s around you. Listen to the sounds, look at what you see, inhale the scents. Allow yourself time to get to know the area. When you become distracted by your own thoughts and feelings, again push your consciousness down to your centre while returning your attention outward to the world around you.


Now ask Nature for guidance on a question that has been troubling you. If there has been nothing troubling you, ask for any information or insights that could be helpful to you. Be open to the various forms this answer could take. Sometimes we have to return several times before we are able to hear or see the answer. 


When done the walk, say thank you. 


Remember to open your circle.


  • Create Sacred Space (Grounding, Purification, Casting a Circle)

    • Practice breath exercise

    • Read a poem to your deity of choice (or read the Charge of the Goddess aloud again if not right for you at this time)

    • Make offering to your deity

    • Play with energy (reference exercises taught in class)

    • Journal about your experiences

    • Open the circle

    • (optional) Witch’s Walk

  • Next class (#4), students will begin to lead the cleansing, grounding, casting, and offering within classes.