The Story - Part 5Elements of Magic
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This week, we continue to remove some of the text-based help.


Root yourself.
Drop your awareness to your feet.  Visualize roots spreading from your feet.
Send down anything keeping you from being present.

Draw up energy into you.
Raise your arms to the sky. Visualize branches reaching out into the universe.  

Draw this energy within you.
Right hand over your heart and your left hand over your stomach.

Feel as the two spiral within you.

Remember to touch your hands to the ground to send back any excess energy.

Salt-Water Purification

  1. WATER:   "Blessed be, creature of water."

  2. SALT:  "Blessed be, creature of earth."

  3. Stir 

  4. Release tensions and troubles 

  5. Lift the bowl to be purified.

  6. Sprinkle 

  7. Dispose afterwards. 


"By the earth that is her body."

"By the air that is her breath."

"By the fire of her bright spirit."

"By the waters of her living womb."


"By all that is above."         

"By all that is below."

"We are between the worlds.  
What is between the worlds can change the worlds."

TRANCE: Rainbow Induction

Breathe deeply.

Imagine that you're floating in a red sea, which is the perfect temperature.

Flood yourself with red, sinking gently.  Notice that you can breathe easily here, creature of water.

Breathe deeply and sink into orange.  Smelling and tasting orange.

Sink into a yellow sea. Held by yellow, filled with the sensation of yellow.

Continue into a green sea, deeper now, drifting. Washing over you inside and out.

Down into blue. Resting. Held by blue waters and full of blue sensation.

Breath then into an indigo sea, the darkest blue of the sky between the midwinter stars.  he colour darkness would be if darkness could shine.  Become this colour, lit up by the dark light of the Otherworld.

Down into an ultraviolet sea, lit by the inner light not mortal eye can see.

Touch bottom now, standing in the center of your place of power.

When you have finished with your trancework, always remember to return by following the same pathway out which you had used to enter.  


Arrange for some undisturbed time, go outside and, if you haven't already, create sacred space.
-- (if unable/unsafe to do so outside, case a moving circle indoors before you go out)
-- (if in a public place, please take precautions for your safety)
-- (consider doing the following sitting with your back against the trunk of a tree)

Relax. Breath deeply.  Feel gravity pulling you down, cradling you, and open all of your senses to the earth beneath you.

Simply rest in the fact of being utterly supported.  She's not going anywheres without you.

Notice whatever images and emotions arise, and allow them to release on an easy breath.  

Say "By the earth which is her body."



  • Create Sacred Space (Grounding, Purification, Casting)​

    • Read a poem to your deity of choice (or read the Charge of the Goddess aloud again if not right for you at this time)

    • Make offering to your deity

    • Trance (Rainbow Induction, Spend time in your Place of Power, don't forget to Return through the reverse rainbow induction)

    • Earth Meditation

    • Journal about your experiences

    • Play with energy (reference exercises taught in class)

    • Open the circle

    • (optional) Witch’s Walk

  • By next class, everyone should have set up proper altars, including all five elements in the appropriate directions.