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  • ACTIVITY (Pen & Paper)
    If you had only TWO MINUTES to speak with your favourite musician, what would you ask them? Write it down!
  • ACTIVITY (Part 2)
    (As a group) Share your questions! What similarities popped up between everyone? Throw some of these up on the whiteboard.
    Where would you look to find answers to these questions? How could they be easily accessed? Theow 'em up on the whiteboard!
  • BRAINSTORM (Part 2 - Pen & Paper)
    This curiosity we all have to get a glimpse into the life of our favourite artist …others will have this same curiosity about your process as visual artists as well. What five (5) questions do you imagine people might have about your specific practice? Write 'em down!
  • BRAINSTORM (Part 3 - Pen & Paper)
    Awesome! Now look to your right. What five (5) questions do YOU have about the artistic practice of the person to your right? Write 'em down on a seperate sheet of paper.
  • BRAINSTORM (Part 4)
    That list of questions you were writing about your neighbour's practice? Give it to them. Compare this list of your own questions to the list of questions from your neighbour. How similar are they? Did any catch you off guard? How might it benefit you to pre-emptively answer these questions about your practice?
    Watch this video, bearing in mind your list of five (5) questions.
    What information did you gain from the video? Do you feel you have an adequate understanding of the artist and their practice? What questions did the video leave you with? Where might you look for answers to those questions? A video is essentially just a more polished, easily sharable version of your list of five questions. What will your your video look like?
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