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Introduction to Traditional Woodcarving
Length: 18 - 24 hours
Difficulty: Beginner, new to carving
Projects: Spoon, Kuksa, Wood Spirit
In this beginner course, learn how to carve wood without the use of power tools and gain the knowledge needed to continue your journey as a new woodcarver.
ÆTI Aeti (a lifetime) - Timothy 'Bjorn' Jones Paddle 72_PDI.jpg
Paddle Carving
Length: 21 hours
Difficulty: Beginner - Intermediate
Projects: Canoe Paddles (1x softwood, 1x hardwood)
If you’ve ever dreamed of crafting a ready-to-use canoe paddle or a decorative wall-mounted paddle, this course is for you! Learn how to carve your very own canoe paddles from start to finish.
Mask Carving
Length: 42 hours
Difficulty: Beginner - Advanced
Projects: Wooden 'Mask'
Learn the traditional woodcarving skills needed to carve your very own decorative mask.
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