Why is it important for information about you, as an artist, to be easily accessible in multiple formats (video, text, etc)? How can you make things easy for your audience?


You decide what information you are comfortable with publicly disclosing. We talk about being easy to find online, but how much of your personal life you are willing to share?

It’s hard to remove once it’s out there. What are you comfortable with?


How easy is it to find your artistic practice online? What do people find when they search for you?

(Optional: Google Search Engine to try it out)


Let's return to your two lists of questions from earlier. Take your point-form answers and combine these into a single writeup of your artistic practice. You are essentially drafting your Artist Biography and Statement, something you will need (and update) throughout your career as an artist! Pair up with someone! Use each other as a "sounding board" for your Questions/Answers. How does it sound when read aloud?

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