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AUDHILD detail - TImothy 'Bjorn' Jones -


This inscription, located in Uppland, Sweden, consists of runic text in the younger futhark carved on an intertwined serpent. The inscription is carved into a rock-face and is 3.5 meters high by 1.5 meters wide. 

The inscription belongs to the Urnes style, the last Norse art style of the Viking Age.


Although unsigned, the inscription (for stylistic reasons) has been attributed to either the runemaster Fot or to his son Torgöt Fotsarve.
Fot is thought to be the author as he was active in southern Uppland during the middle of the 11th century, during the brief window where the Urnes style was active.

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WOOD   --  Red Cedar
CARVED  --  Without power tools (using                           a drawknife and spokeshaves)
DESIGN   --   Etched with Charcoal
SANDED  --  1,500 grit, by hand
FINISH   --   Varathane
YEAR    --    2018
Audhild Measurements - Timothy 'Bjorn' J
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