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Bjorn Paddle - Timothy 'Bjorn' Jones - 7


Bear has been revered in all cultures since pre-history.  Stories still exist of humans learning herbal medicine from bear, and of the Norse berserkers (literally 'bear-shirt').  Archaeological evidence indicates a bear cult existing even with the Neandertals  as far back as the Paleolithic.

The existence of bear worship was especially prevalent more recently in Northern Europe with peoples such as the Sami and the Finns.

This piece is in homage to bear.  I referenced a Created Commons image for the design as I am not comfortable attempting to get this close to a bear.

WOOD   --  White Ash
CARVED  --  Without power tools (using                           a drawknife and spokeshaves)
DESIGN   --   Woodburned
SANDED  --  3,000 grit, by hand
FINISH   --   Dark Walnut Danish Oil, Varathane
YEAR    --    2018
Bjorn Measurements - Paddle - Timothy 'B
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