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Fredericton Tattoo Expo
Best of Show 2019

FTE Best of Show Detail - Timothy 'Bjorn

I was approached to carve a custom Trophy for the Best of Show at the 2019 Fredericton Tattoo Expo.

The piece is based on the Norse Urnes style.   The script is comprised of 1/2 Elder Futhark Runes, and 1/2 English letters, stylized to match.  The text reads "Fredericton Tattoo Expo" and "Best of Show 2019" in both alphabets.
The English text is etched with Bronze dust, and the paddle is finished with Resin Epoxy to stand up to the wear and tear of being displayed in a tattoo studio for a full career.


I was invited to be on the Jurying Panel and at the end of the three-day event, the paddle was awarded to Jordan Chin for his tattoo on Alisha Stephen (shown below).

Was a blast being a judge for the Freder
Congrats to _alisha.stephen (shown) and
FTE Best of Show Measurements - Timothy
WOOD   --  Red Cedar
CARVED  --  Without power tools (using                           a drawknife and spokeshaves)
DESIGN  --  Woodburned, English text                           etched with Brass dust
SANDED  --  3,000 grit, by hand
FINISH   --   Resin Epoxy (UV & HALS                              stabilized)
STYLE   --  Otter - Tail 
YEAR    --    2019
FTE Best of Show was awarded at...

The 2019 Fredericton Tattoo Expo
The Fredericton Convention Centre, Fredericton, N.B.


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