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(Reproduction in wood of the Mammen Ceremonial Axehead)

The Mammen Axehead is a ceremonial axehead retrieved from the Mammen grave dig in what is modern-day Denmark.  It has been dated to roughly 900 - 950 AD.

The axehead was constructed from iron, and inlayed with silver and gold.  Every surface on the axehead was intricately decorated.

My piece is a 'reproduction' in wood of this axehead. 

Check out the National Museum of Denmark to learn more about the original piece and the Mammen dig.


Mammen Original.jpg

The original, held at the National Museum of Denmark.

Mammen Axehead Reproduction - Timothy 'B
Mammen Axehead Reproduction 2 - 72 DPI.j

Want to learn more about Norse art styles?


I've put together a 35-page paper giving a brief overview of this topic!


WOOD   --  Sugar Maple
DESIGN   --   Woodburned
SANDED  --  7,000 grit, by hand
FINISH   --   Linseed Oil
YEAR    --    2019
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