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Most commonly known for sacrificing one of his eyes to drink from Mimir’s well of wisdom, Odin is credited with great many things throughout the sagas and eddas.

He breathed life into the first humans, created the earth by slaying Ymir, and is said to have given humans the gift of poetry and the runes.

Often he would walk in the guise of an elderly wanderer, long-bearded and with a wide-brimmed hat, always in search of greater knowledge.

Odin Nature -Timothy 'Bjorn' Jones - 72
Odin Mask Combined - Timothy 'Bjorn' Jon
WOOD   --  Butternut
CARVED  --  Without power tools (using                           chisels, a mallet and a hatchet)
SANDED  --  800 grit, by hand
FINISH   --   Linseed Oil
YEAR    --    2017
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