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VE mask - TImothy 'Bjorn' Jones - 72 DPI


Carved from a piece of blowdown from the hurricane Arthur four years prior, the knot dead centre in this piece challenged me to approach my work in a completely new way.

Having been down for four years before carving, dry rot runs throughout parts of the mask.  I have removed  this, and used a transparent resin epoxy to fill the voids.  This gives a unique look inside the wood while also sealing the piece off from oxygen, removing any possibility of further dry rot.

VE is the third and final brother credited with creating the first humans in the Norse creation story.

WOOD   --  Butternut
CARVED  --  Without power tools (using                           chisels, a mallet and a hatchet)
SANDED  --  3,000 grit, by hand
FINISH   --   Resin Epoxy (UV &                                      HALS stabilized)
YEAR    --    2018
VE measurements - Timothy 'Bjorn' Jones
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