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Vili Mask Nature - Timothy 'Bjorn' Jones


Odin, Vili & Ve, the three brothers, are credited in the Gylfaginning (Prose Edda - 13th century) with having created the first humans: Askr & Embla (Ash & Elm).

Fashioned from driftwood, Odin breathed life into them and Ve gave them their physical appearance but it was Vili who gave them conscious thought and understanding.

This carving is my representation of Vili.  As I follow the Norse creation story, I wanted to foremost pay tribute to the three brothers; the first carvers who fashioned the human form out of wood.  I believe it is these three things: the breath of life, our material form, and our conscious thought, that define what makes us human.

WOOD   --  Butternut
CARVED  --  Without power tools
                  (using chisels, a mallet
                  and a hatchet)
SANDED  --  1,500 grit, by hand
FINISH   --   Varathane
YEAR    --    2018
Vili Mask Full - Timothy 'Bjorn' Jones -
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